#1 – Par 5 – 559 yards

Normally plays downwind with trade winds. Easy hole if you just stay within the fairway. Entering trees on the right and left makes it only more difficult.

#2 – Par 4– 410 yards

Usually against the wind; one of the more challenging holes at Pearl Country Club. You should favor the left center of fairway. Right side is no good. Second shot is uphill and against the wind, so need to hit usually 2 clubs more than the yardage indicates. If you are putting uphill it is very slow. Downhill is very fast.

#3 – Par 3– 212 yards

Long par 3. Need to hit with a good middle to long iron. Usually downwind. Aim left center of green and use the big front entrance to get to the green.

#4 – Par 3– 421 yards

Most difficult hole at Pearl Country Club. Usually into a left to right wind. Key is to aim to the left side because the wind takes ball to the right and an O.B. lurks there. Again second shot plays 1 to 2 clubs longer than the yardage.

#5 – Par 5– 497 yards

Into the wind par 5. Do not cut corner too much. Stay to the right of left corner coconut trees. Second shot you face O.B. left and water hazard right. Just hit with a club to keep you in the middle. No need to hit it far, just safe.

#6 – Par 3– 180 yards

Par 3: Good hole. Wind is usually left to right against the golfer. Need to play 1 to 2 clubs more than you think. Stay center or left center. Any right wind takes the ball toward the cart path.

#7 – Par 4– 335 yards

Short Par 4. Just stay straight, avoid the bunker on the right side of the fairway and the small water hazard in front the green. Good chance for birdie here or nice par.

#8 – Par 4– 340 yards

Another short Par 4. Keep to right of the trees on the left. Second shot plays uphill but with the wind. So wind negates the uphill. Double deck green so observe pin position.

#9 – Par 4– 414 yards

It is important to start the drive right-center. Terrain and wind kicks ball to the left. A ball that goes left is difficult to find in the trees. Uphill and right to left wind makes the hole play 2 clubs longer than distance.

#10 – Par 4– 374 yards

Again going back into the wind and uphill. Second shot plays 2-3 clubs longer depending on the strength of the wind. Putts coming from left and right of pin have a lot of bigger break than on other holes. Downhill putts are very fast.

#11 – Par 4– 431 yards

Trade winds make this hole play downwind. Ideal drive is to right edge of the fairway and the slope will bounce the ball back to the center of the fairway. Balls starting left of center will end up in the left rough and trees. Short hole so good chance for a birdie.

#12 – Par 5– 539 yards

This is the longest and most difficult par 5 at Pearl Country Club. It also plays into the wind. The drive likes to pull towards the right trees so try to aim to the left side of the fairway. Avoid the right trees at all costs. Left side is much better to be on. Approach to the green, must allow for 1-2 clubs more than you think.

#13 – Par 3– 194 yards

Is the hardest Par 3 at Pearl Country Club. Again wind will take any shot to the right and into bad trouble. Please aim to the left side of the green and use 1-2 clubs more than you think because of the uphill slope and against wind. Putts again break a lot from the side of the pin. Downhill is also very fast.

#14 – Par 4– 403 yards

This is one of the flattest fairways at Pearl Country Club. Aim your drives to the right edge of fairway because it will always kick to the left. Any starting drive to left edge will kick way left downhill into the rough and you will have a difficult second shot.

#15 – Par 4– 395 yards

Here slope and wind takes the ball to the right trees so you want to aim to the left side of the fairway. Second shot be careful of going right. It is much easier to chip from the left side of the green.

#16 – Par 3– 194 yards

This downhill and downwind Par 3 usually  plays at least 20 yards shorter than the actual yardage. You must take about 2 clubs less than what you think. Just keep away from the water hazard on the right. Many hole-in-ones made here.

#17 – Par 5– 519 yards

This is the shortest Par 5 and most birdied hole at Pearl Country Club. Key to hit drive just to right of fairway bunker. Drives too far to the right go into the trees and makes for difficult second shot. Putts going toward Pearl Harbor here are faster than you think.

#18 – Par 4– 370 yards

Here you need to aim the right side of the fairway on your drive. The wind and slope will bring your ball back to the left. Here left side is better than right trees. This is not a very long hole so straight tee shot leaves you a good chance for par or birdie.